The Mumshie Tracker


Conceptualizing and building a design intervention to respond to the maternal health situation of the "mumshies" in Brgy. Commonwealth, Quezon City. Put together as a final project for my National Service Training Program and Society, Economy, and Sustainable Development classes. This work is a finalist for the Ateneo Socio Civic Engagement for National Development (ASCEND) Citation and Excellence Award under the Undergraduate Individual Project Category.


November 2020 to January 2021


Stakeholder Engagement, Research, Copywriting, Illustration and Layout, Prototyping


To design a customizable tracker regarding maternal health for the mumshies of Ateneo Center for Educational Development (ACED) "Inang Busog, Batang Malusog" (IBBM) Program in Brgy. Commonwealth, Quezon City in such a way that this tool effectively helps the mumshies track their specific experiences, starting from pregnancy to early motherhood, so that they can identify pain points in their local health system and empower them in demanding improvements of said services.

This work is a finalist for the Ateneo Socio Civic Engagement for National Development (ASCEND) Citation and Excellence Award under the Undergraduate Individual Project Category. View the announcement here.

The full deck going through the overview of the whole project:

An intervention that recognizes its stakeholders' agencies...

"The United Nations, in support of the agency and social capital of women, wrote in their 2015 report on Global Strategy for Womens’, Children's and Adolescents’ Health, that Women, [along with children and adolescents] are the most powerful agents for improving their own health and achieving prosperous and sustainable societies. 

Therefore, although efforts in providing healthcare information in a format of information dissemination are important, it cannot be denied that the question we should be asking in a situation such as that of the mumshies is not 

 “Are women being informed of what to do as they enter motherhood?” 


Rather it should be, 

 “Are women being empowered to look out for themselves and speak for themselves when they experience pain points that only they experience and can articulate?” 


Moreover, we should be asking, 

“Are we listening enough to women when they do look for and demand for better maternal health care services?” 


Perhaps, after all the attempts of “informing” and “educating” by putting information out and calling it a day; we should be listening and taking information in—from the very people who are the best candidates in understanding the situation they live in every day. It is in this regard that the student posits their intervention for SOCSC 13."

The Modified User Journey Map:
The Mumshie Tracker

"Creative output the student posited for SOCSC 13 took on the form of a modified user journey map, from here on referred to as UJM. A UJM is commonly used in design thinking as a way to visualize an individual’s experience and relationship with a product or service to see which part of it is lacking and needs improvement.  The modified UJM proposed means that the output will be designed in such a way that the users—in this case the mumshies—not only gets visualize their own experience; but also gets to evaluate through prompts (Zone A) and insights (Zone C) their own experience of their local maternal health care services. Through the use of this more participatory, interactive, and customizable format; the mumshies are not merely being told what to do, which they might actually already know. Rather, they are being empowered to question whether or not they are receiving the quality of healthcare services that they rightfully deserve. The distribution format of the UJM shall also take on the form of a printable accordion available in black and white as well as colored versions for easy dissemination in the community."

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